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Past exhibitions

‘What was I thinking?’

— Photography

First Floor

28th April  — 5th June

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Tomas Vandecasteele

‘What was I thinking?’ explores the relationship between meaning, text and the photographic image from the perspective of the tourist image, the travel report. Photography and tourism have been inseparable since the beginning. Increasingly, however, the photographic image of the tourist is a rigid, dogmatic construction of that which one must have photographed. Tourists, as Sontag (1979, On Photography) observed, seem to feel obliged to place a camera between themselves and what is remarkable, important. The photographic image replaces experience and looking, and has become that which is real. In ‘What was I thinking?’ Tomas Vandecasteele shows images taken in Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Mumbai, Dubai, Roussillon and Colombo. By means of (digital) motion blur, colour manipulation and the addition of text, he emphasises the complex relationship between reality and the tourist image.


— Drawings

First Floor

10th Feb  — 12th April

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Nikomachi Karakostanoglou

In collaboration with Otomys Gallery, St. Vincents presented new works by Greek artist Nikomachi Karakostanoglou. Traversing mediums, and mapping the physical and sensorial connections between them, “symbiosis” embodies a gilded luminosity reflective of religious iconography. A radiant fluidity pervades each piece, amplifying Nikomachi’s aptitude for finding synergy – between drawings and sculpture, between art and its reflection of the human soul, between nature and people, and between the existential and theoretical worlds – to unify artworks in such a way that the symbiotic relationships between them is palpable.

The Act of a Line

— Embroidery

Ground floor + Mezzanine

2nd Dec  — 29th Jan

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Marijke De Cock

Marijke De Cock lives and works in Antwerp, where she previously studied Fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. She has been working for years as a designer within the team of Dries Van Noten, where she specialises among other things, in the conception and creation of exceptional ornaments and jewellery. An engagement that in a sense inspired her personal practice, by adopting an established craft that is usually related to the garment it is meant to serve, yet which she allows to function autonomously and in full. It is an ancient and traditional, time-consuming technique – involving working with glass beads and passed from generation to generation – which she sensibly juxtaposes with her fascination for the hand that, as it were, moves by itself, seems to make its own decisions, and transcends thought. It all together manifests itself in distinctive series of abstracted, intuitive wall sculptures which, adorned with beads, above all celebrate the desire to create, using a material that goes back thousands of years, motivating us from childhood onwards to invent ornaments with it, to embellish a person or a place.

Group Exhibition

— Ceramics & Paintings

Ground Floor

18th Nov  — 23rd Nov

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Studio MC and Wayne Pate

Referencing primary shapes and architectural forms STUDIO MC, founded by Jessica Coates & Michael Müller, aims to make the viewer question their expectations of an object. With their ceramic objects there’s an ongoing inquiry related to the human need to categorize objects. It raises questions as to what happens when an object has an assigned category like function or art work.

Ultimately all work can be traced back to the vessel and it’s various traditions. Be it in the classical sense of something that can hold liquid or flowers, or in a more architectural sense, where the function of a vessel houses a more intellectual or spiritual meaning.

Based in New Zealand, WAYNE PATE‘s work focuses on rendering objects and interiors in his signature simplistic and sophisticated style. With a bold subject matter and a fresh color pallete, Pate often uses pieces of canvas or linen to collage and create layers beneath the paint.

From his travels, Pate has amassed an impressive collection of historical objects, lebrillos, jugs and water pitchers which subtly recur throughout his work, giving voice where there is none.

In the Spotlight


— Haring & _Voud

Shades of Stainless Steel

— Studio Kuhlmann

Fading Senses

— Ligia Poplawska