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Ileana Moro & Benoit Viaene

Ileana Moro & Benoit Viaene
February 20, 2021 Henri

Beneath the Surface    

Ileana Moro & Benoit Viaene

Paintings, Furniture & Lighting

1st Floor gallery
6th March  — 10th April  


Beneath the Surface

The exhibition features a series of paintings, drawings, and sculptures by multidisciplinary artist Ileana Moro and unique furniture and lighting objects created by renowned architect, Benoit Viaene.

For their first joint exhibition, they present the viewer with both the “obvious”, the immediate, and the “hidden”, what lays beneath.

The exhibition’s title, “Beneath the surface”, is the common thread running through Ileana’s introspective works and Benoit’s unique approach to matter. Their works are collaborative in the way they correlate, speak and influence each other yet, remain individualistic and romantic pieces of their creators.

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Short Biography

Name: Ileana Moro

Year of birth: 1991

Place of birth: Costa Rica

Occupation: Artist

Ileana Moro is a multidisciplinary artist currently residing in Ghent, Belgium. Formally trained in architecture, she soon found art to be a cathartic way to explore and communicate creatively the emotions buried within her.

Deeply personal and emotional, Ileana’s introspection, defines her entire body of work. Observing and absorbing her surroundings she sculpts, paints, and writes as a means to interpret her emotions and unconscious.

Often using a dark color palette, her works are tense yet romantic, inviting the viewer to engage and find light through the darkness. 

Name: Benoit Viaene

Year of birth: 1971

Place of birth: Belgium

Occupation: Architect

Benoit Viaene is a renowned architect revered internationally for his warm, restrained interiors and solid understanding and respect for traditional techniques and materials.

Benoit has a hands-on approach, spending time on-site or in his atelier, researching, manipulating and testing different materials. 

Years of research and experience have ultimately led him to create some of the most coveted pieces of furniture for his clients. Understated yet captivating, the architect elevates humble materials by reworking surfaces to reveal the subtle beauty hidden beneath, creating intriguing and touchable pieces.