st. vincents

Coffee Philosophy


Grabbing a quick cup at the beginning of the day is one way to take your coffee. However, we subscribe to the idea of wanting to slow down and enjoy a quiet moment over a good cup of coffee.

With a focus on single origin coffees our offerings change through the seasons. Similar to the nuances you find in different types of wine grapes (pinot noir, merlot, cabernet etc.), each region and variety of coffee bean (bourbon, caturra, geisha…) possesses it’s own identity.

The way the beans are processed (washed, natural and honey processed) and roasted (dark or light) contributes yet another layer to coaxing the natural flavour and sweetness out of the beans.

It’s the consideration of region, farm, varietal, process, roast, and brewing method that makes a coffee great.


We receive freshly roasted supply of black gold from MOK coffee roasters based in Leuven, Belgium on a weekly basis. Owner Jens and his team spend forever sourcing, sampling, cupping, roasting, measuring, calibrating, tweaking & tasting beans from some of the best coffee growers in the world, looking for superior coffees that can stand on their own without blending.


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It’s certainly a question of taste but most coffee enthusiasts will tell you that for flavour and aroma best use a manual pour-over coffeemaker. And among pour-overs, the drip cone will most likely provide the tastiest, most magical and memorable of brews. 

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There’s a great coffee scene here in Antwerp and we’re dedicated to try and meet the expected standards. Daily we dial-in our espresso recipe factoring grind, temperature, pressure & timings in aims to achieve the perfect shot.