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Recent Works on Paper – expo by Kenneth Jaworski

Recent Works on Paper – expo by Kenneth Jaworski
September 15, 2016 Henri

Kenneth Jaworski is an American artist, born in 1966 in Buffalo, New York and living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands since 2000.

His career encompasses fine art works on canvas, collage, paper and screen printing as well as multiple projects in interior architecture.

The works shown at st. vincents represent a selection of his work on paper completed in 2016, along with two works on canvas.

The works are grouped in series encompassing multiple directions. Jaworski prefers working in series as a way to work through ideas, likening the series to conversations. The series are complete when there is no more variation to explore or no more to say.

Rather than work in only one particular aesthetic direction, he prefers several, comparing this to being multilingual. While there is no inherent metaphor in the work, a series of works will eventual talk back to the artist and certain themes and meanings will emerge that were not there in the beginning.

The most important element in these works is the moment in which they are created and the unique coming together of idea, movement, mediums and technique in a spontaneous action. Understanding of and experience with the materials and how they will perform in that spontaneous moment are important, and love of process is at the center of these works.

Each work is created in one action or in one day and work is never left for completion to the next day. Jaworski feels that by doing so, the urgency and inherent energy of the work is captured and preserved.