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Noro Khachatryan

Noro Khachatryan
February 13, 2020 Henri


On April 3, 2020 Brussels-based designer Noro Khachatryan will be presenting an exciting panorama of unique and limited-edition works at our space.

With his innately curious nature and mathematical mind, designer Noro Khachatryan, founder of studiokhachatryan, is seeking to build bridges between objects and architecture.

Noro creates sculptural objects and architectural elements in natural and industrial materials (stone, concrete, semi-precious metals and wood) and this purified visual language encourages the viewer to have his own interpretation of the work.

The exhibition presents a roster of works which are perfect examples of this process. Meronyms, for instance, is a series of objects fueled by a profound interest in the details and structural elements found in classical urban architecture. The black monoliths are erected in Noir de Mazy (Belgian black marble), a material with a clear connection to the historical architectural references.