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Pas Perdus – work by Charlotte Jonckher

Pas Perdus – work by Charlotte Jonckher
June 25, 2016 geraldine jackman

Lost Steps, translation of the french Pas Perdus, is the latest creation of artist and designer Charlotte Jonckher.

This rug made of horsehair, wool, cotton and chenille was created as a sensory exploration for your feet. When you are waiting for someone who should have already been home. When you receive a phone call that conscripts you for an hour. In all those circumstances there is one thing we all tend to do: we pace. The Pas Perdu rug was designed to welcome the pacing, transforming the acts of waiting and worrying into surprising sensual experiences.


Hanging on display, as a work of art, we have one of Charlotte’s rugs in stunning variations of blacks. The different patterns, materials create wakes, reminiscent of fields, for drifting.

Photography by Valeriane Lazard