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Wild Lemongrass Candle

Wild Lemongrass Candle

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Calmness and purpose, Wild Lemongrass conjures scenes of hazy herbal waters in oriental gardens. Lingering quietude created by a citrus balance of Sicilian lemon, with botanical eucalyptus and warming ginger.

Burn time approx 35hrs.

Honest’s candles are made using soy wax, which gives a much cleaner burn than regular paraffin wax candles as it is non-toxic, a renewable source, natural and burns longer. This makes it a much friendlier candle to burn in your home. Honest’s wicks are made with eco-friends cotton coated in soy wax which again, help with an even, clean burn. They are each fragranced with a blend of organic essential oils and natural fragrances, giving you a higher quality of scent.

Contains: cotton wick, vegetable wax, organic essential oils of lemongrass, ginger, cedarwood, eucalyptus.


Handmade in England.

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