st. vincents
Arcade N°3

Unique concrete sculpture by David Umemoto.

The stairs lead to a void, the walls rise to nothing, the ceilings seem useless. The work of David Umemoto exudes mystery, stimulates the imagination, but at the same time gives a sense of reflective discipline. “My most recent works are studies on volume. In the twilight zone between sculpture and architecture, these pieces evoke the feeling of temporary buildings and monuments that stand in distant and remote countries.

In collaboration with Modern Shapes Gallery.

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+ Production & Shipping

All pieces are made by hand in Canada.

Shipping after recipient of payment in full.

+ Technical Information

Measurements: H 28 x W 28 x D 10 cm
Material: Concrete

Due to the characters of David`s works, you may need to expect some variations and imperfections from finished products.


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