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Accadimento 24

Unique ceramic sculpture by Simone Negri.

The universal classicism ardently desired by Simone Negri stands out for its penetrating diffusion of the element of time. In his interpretation and representation of the present ideal, once again, what must happen, will happen.

How architecture feeds the imagination of art. Despite the fundamental
functions that architecture must perform, the best examples
continue to inspire artists across all genres with their masterful use
of space, harmony and proportion.

In collaboration with Modern Shapes Gallery.

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+ Production & Shipping

All pieces are made by hand in Italy.

Shipping after recipient of payment in full.

+ Technical Information

Measurements: H 28 x W 28 x D 10 cm
Material: Ceramics

Due to the characters of David`s works, you may need to expect some variations and imperfections from finished products.


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