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Azir VII

Laurence Leenaert is an artist steered by the gentle hand of intuition. Navigating mediums and continents, her work shares a deep kinship with the native Moroccan landscape in which she is immersed.

IZDIHAR (“Unfolding”) marks a new destination in Laurence’s artistic pilgrimage with a prolific collection of mixed-media paintings steeped in the sensorial ambiance of Marrakesh.

Working viscerally, Laurences’ artistic journey has come to settle upon this striking collection of large-scale paintings through an innate channeling of the environmental and architectural landscapes in which she finds herself.

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Dimensions: 62 x 82 cm
Materials: Mixed media on paper – Float mounted in oak box frame


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Mixed media on paper

Float mounted in oak box frame

Paper Size: 50 x 70cm