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Untitled Sculpture 01
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Untitled Sculpture 01

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Sculpture in Marbre de Caune (FR) by Leo Alessandro Lopez

Leo is a Swedish-Costa Rican artist which expressed himself in various ways, one of which is sculptural work. The marble stone is part of the series ‘1000-year-old-stones’. This type of stone was a lot used in the 1800`s in churches, for columns and holy sculptures, representing the body and flesh of Christ.

The seed for this series was planted during a cultural visit in Italy, where religious people kiss/touch a certain part of a statue/sculpture, making it soft and shiny over time.

Leo took this idea further and envisioned the Greek myth of Sisyphus, where the eponymous character is condemned for eternity to push a huge rock to the top of the mountain, for having challenged God. But each time, when almost reaching the top, the stone falls down.

With the Sculpture, Leo envisions how this rock would look like, after these hundreds of years touching the same part of the stone, smoothing the surface.

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Materials: Materials: Marbre de Caune

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