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Eclipse Bottle Opener

This beautiful and functional bottle opener is made using the ‘sand cast’ technique. It has a bright polish at first, but the colour gradually turns darker to show a distinctive patina with handling over time. Using it often and for a long time unveils the beauty of the material to its maximum potential.

Founded in 1879, Futagami is one of Japan’s oldest metal manufacturers. Its collaboration with designer Masanori Oji has created a modern minimalist line of brass ware home goods that combine traditional techniques and materials with modern shapes. Futagami’s craftsmen work from Masanori’s inventive designs to create truly original metal works that bring elegance and understated radiance to common everyday objects.

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+ Production & Shipping

All pieces are made by hand in Japan.

Shipping after recipient of payment in full.

+ Technical Information

Measurements: 6 x 7.8 x 0.8cm
Material: Brass
*will get patinated over time
Origin: Japan



Additional information

Weight 1 kg