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Stadium Vase Small – Gingko
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Stadium Vase Small – Gingko

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Stadium Vase by Walk in the Park.

Walk In The Park is formed by creative couple Sam and Jiho, who make unique wood-turned objects from their Titirangi studio. Sam`s creative background comes from experience in wood-work and furniture design which he practised in Korea. Walk In The Park is a practice-led exploration into functional and sculptural objects, each work a homage to the variations of wood available in New Zealand. This tactile devotion extends into Sam`s desire to create products that are both beautiful and functional, blending the organic with the domestic.

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+ Production & Shipping

All pieces are made by hand in New Zealand.

Shipping after recipient of payment in full.

+ Technical Information

Measurements: H: 16cm x D: 15cm
Material: Gingko
Origin: New Zealand

Due to the characters of Sam`s works, you may need to expect some variations and imperfections from finished products. Sam is not using the timbers that are milled and kiln dried in large sawmills. All the woods are sourced from local small sawmills or arborists, who produce small volume but diverse timbers. All the timbers from there are air-dried and the conditions are various. You might need to expect some imperfect characters such as knots, bark, uneven edges, cracks and some bug holes from my finished works. However, Sam is not using some poor quality materials if they will bothering and devaluing the works. Therefore, we believe that all the works are acceptable for sale.


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