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Yaa Container – Short

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At once rooted in tradition and embracing of new design languages, Studio Anansi explores the beauty of blackness through collectible objects that deftly harmonize simplistic form and complex tactility.

Meeting at the intersection of art and design, each piece is made from wood – chosen for its tactile and yielding nature – and revisits traditional craft in a thoroughly modern way. After being hand-turned, the sculpted objects undergo a specialized burning process that results in an appearance that manages to be both fluid and static, and one that intentionally conveys the struggles, events, love, loss, pain, suffering and – above all – beauty that the black body endures.

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+ Production & Shipping

All pieces are made by hand in USA.

Shipping after recipient of payment in full. In case we`re out of stock, please take into account a lead time of 6-8 weeks.

+ Technical Information

Measurements: H: 20cm x D: 11cm
Material: African Wenge, natural pigmentations and oiled finish
Origin: USA

Due to the characters of Evan`s works, you may need to expect some variations from finished products.


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Additional information

Weight 5 kg