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Chain Nickel Plated

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A Chain in iron nickel plated designed by Carl Auböck II circa 1950. The hand is now being cast, using the same sculptured wooden positive mould, in the same workshop by Carl Auböck IV.

The fourth-generation Viennese workshop of Carl Auböck combines traditional craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic. The enduring nature of Auböck designs like this Paperweight Chain can be attributed to “simplicity and high quality—no fashionable tricks,” says Carl Auböck IV, who now oversees the workshop with his sister, Maria. “Such artefacts develop a soul over time, a certain patina.”

+ Care

This unlacquered nickel plated object will develop a patina over time. Polish by buffing with soft cloth. Nickel polish may also be used; use a second clean, dry cloth to buff the nickel to a shine.

+ Technical information

Material: Nickel plated iron
Origin: Handmade in Austria
Dimensions: 5.5 x 19cm – Weight: 1.039 kg

Imperfections such as small scratches and/or minor nicks on the surface of this item are evidence of the handmade production process and should not be considered defects.


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Weight 2 kg