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Fading Senses


Virtual Exhibition

10 Feb – 20 Mar 2021

Ligia Poplawska

What happens if we lose our senses?

Fading Senses is a research project and a photographic essay reflecting on sensory deprivation and environmental anxiety.

Solastalgia is a relatively new concept for understanding the implications of the loss of ecosystems on our emotional health. Described as an earth-related state, it reflects the zeitgeist of our time and is an increasing problem in societies, manifesting itself in a feeling of loss of the present. A perspective of a fading world and a state of fading-away is close to sensory deprivation. Absence of senses, one of the biggest human fears, can lead to intra-mental perception, echolocation and memory flashbacks. Through a speculative narrative, the photographer creates a mental image of an ungraspable sensation to underline human disconnection from the natural environment.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Photographed by Manuel Mendoza

Beneath the Surface

— Paintings, Furniture & Lighting

1st Floor gallery

6th Mar – 10th Apr 2021

Benoit Viaene & Ileana Moro

Beneath the surface, features a series of paintings, drawings and sculptures by multidisciplinary artist Ileana Moro and furniture and lighting objects created by renowned architect, Benoit Viane.

For their first joint exhibition they present the viewer with both the “obvious”, the immediate and the “hidden”, what lays beneath.

We invite those interested to join us for an exclusive digital preview of the exhibition “Beneath the Suface”, three days before its official opening to the public.

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