st. vincents


Fading Senses


Virtual Exhibition

10 Feb – 20 Mar 2021

Ligia Poplawska

What happens if we lose our senses?

Fading Senses is a research project and a photographic essay reflecting on sensory deprivation and environmental anxiety.

Solastalgia is a relatively new concept for understanding the implications of the loss of ecosystems on our emotional health. Described as an earth-related state, it reflects the zeitgeist of our time and is an increasing problem in societies, manifesting itself in a feeling of loss of the present. A perspective of a fading world and a state of fading-away is close to sensory deprivation. Absence of senses, one of the biggest human fears, can lead to intra-mental perception, echolocation and memory flashbacks. Through a speculative narrative, the photographer creates a mental image of an ungraspable sensation to underline human disconnection from the natural environment.

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